Our Train Stations - Our Project
The Next Generation of Passenger Train Activism

"Trains - Economic development, job creation, preserving and creating liveable communities."

Our Project Vision

All of Our Train Stations will provide premier facilities that offer safety, efficiency, and comfort for train passengers and provide maximum efficiency in the operation of Our passenger train network..

Our Project Mission

Improve America's passenger Train Station experience by providing passenger Train Station Champions and passenger station users a public venue to share information on Train Stations.

Highlight stations that score above standards: Train Stations that have involvement from all levels of the community and all levels of government and as a result the Train Station meets or exceeds Station Standards.

Focus on below standard stations: Spotlight awareness on those Train Stations that measurements indicate do not meet Station Standards. Provide an avenue for Champions and train passengers to focus attention on these stations.

Provide Champions a channel with which to benchmark these stations and the community involvement.