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"You can't hope things will happen, you have to make things happen." - Dave Tippett


Sentinels are a very important part of Our Project. For a number of reasons, Sentinels cannot take on the responsibilities that being a Champion requires. Sentinels will work with Champions behind the scenes. They will use Our Station Standards and Our Station Checklists to assist the Champion in the evaluation and reporting about the Train Station. Sentinels recognize the importance of passenger train service and the importance of the passenger Train Station as an integral part of this service.

Sentinels will provide information and guidance to Champions and will aid Champions by reviewing the data and offering edits for a particular Passenger Train Station. They will review Findings on the Website and they will help insure Contact data is current. Sentinels will assist Champions in data and collection for their Station.

If you are interested in becoming a Sentinel, contact the Champion for your Station. If there is not a Champion yet assigned to the Station, please send an email to us at:


Thank you!

Note: Sentinels will not be listed and usually will only be known to the Champion of a particular Station.